Storm Safety Kit

Storm Safety Kit

I found a recent article on Alliant Energy about preparing for a storm. You can do this yourself and get your kids involved.
To get started, you’ll need a big plastic box – one with a lid is best. Use a marker to write “SAFETY KIT” on a big piece of tape and stick on it on the box. Find a good place to keep the box so you can find it quickly when a storm hits. A coat closet or kitchen cabinet might be a spot. Now you’re ready to fill up your box.

You Will Need:
*Battery-operated radio
*Extra batteries
*Small fire extinguisher
*First aid supplies, like bandages
*Bottled water
*Snacks like granola bars and fruit roll-ups
*If you have room, you can add stuff to play with while the lights are out – coloring books and crayons, a deck of cards, puzzles or board games.
**If there’s a baby in your house, keep some extra diapers, wipes and baby food in the safety kit too.

Another good thing to keep in your safety kit is a list of important information:
*Emergency telephone numbers, electric company, gas company, neighbors and relatives…
*Medicines that someone in your family might need
*A map of where to find the main shut-offs for the electricity, gas and water
*Instructions on how to open the garage door without the automatic opener
*Old-fashioned phones come in handy

It’s also a good idea to have at least one old-fashioned telephone with a cord in your house. If the power is out for a long time, a corded phone might be the only way you can call for help.

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